Low Voltage


Power distribution to the point. Modular - Safe - Intelligent!

Flexible solutions for energy distribution and MCC

ModuVar  offers  flexible  solutions  for  all  low  voltage  requirements  up  to  6300A. The  basis  for  this  flexibility  is individually  equippable  functional  units  of  different  dimensions  and  configurations  which  have  proven  their efficiency according to the high requirements of IEC 61439-2 based on corresponding type test certificates.

Three main arguments describe the recipe for success of this evolutionary stage of a system that has been successfully established on the market for many years: Modularity, safety and intelligence.


A variety of different panel types and ratings guarantee the individual and effective implementation of our customers’ requirements. In the process, we can react precisely to the on-site environment due to a flexible design with different bus bar layers, cable connection possibilities from different directions or the type tested connection of a bus bar system.

The greatest advantage of this system, however is the combined variance in the selection of the main devices: The system is type tested with various components of established manufacturer brands.


Well-conceived constructive measures prioritise availability and personal safety to safeguard the user against the effects of any accidental arcs that occur. The successfully passed tests under internal arc conditions confirm this circumstance by certificate according to IEC/TR61641.

With both the active arc fault protection system and the implementation of a thorough insulated bus bar design, KÖHL also offers two recognized technologies for the further increase of personal and plant safety.


Today’s standard scope of supply for state-of-the-art switchgears includes not only complex communication networks but also permanent condition monitoring for the evaluation of an intelligent predictive maintenance. Based on various protocols, data and measured values are automatically recorded, evaluated and supplied to the user for further utilisation, e.g. in parent energy management or SCADA systems.

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