Medium Voltage

MediPower KMP A3

Air insulated high power switchgear systems for primary applications

The name  MediPower represents  powerful  medium  voltage energy distribution systems. With permanent  further development and high testing effort, KÖHL fully guarantees its customers the efficient performance of this product according to the requirements of IEC 62271-200.
As in the case of all KÖHL systems, the focus is on best personal protection and maximum availability. Here, the internal arc classification is proven by certificate up to IAC AFLR 40kA/1s for all panel types.


The ratings speak for themselves – MediPower KMP A3 has been developed for the distribution of energy at the highest level, even in difficult ambient conditions such as high temperatures or harmful polluted air. The massive frame construction and heavy, multi-interlocked doors already demonstrate a high quality standard at first glance.


Well-conceived constructive measures prioritize personal protection to safeguard the user against the effects of any accidental arcs that occur. The successfully passed tests confirm this circumstance by certificate under internal arc conditions according to the latest standard IEC 62271-200 for all panel types. Through the qualification according to IAC AFLR, the switchgear is suitable for free set-up in the room under observance of the level of protection.
In addition, KÖHL offers a proven technology for the further increase of safety for the user and materials with an active arc fault protection system.

High Availability

Intelligent design and the use of high-quality materials reduce the necessity of shutdowns for time-consuming maintenance to a minimum. Due to a design using withdrawable technology the user can exchange circuit breakers – or even measuring devices, if required – directly and quickly without much effort.

  • Circuit breakers of various manufacturers:
    ABB (VD4, HD4, VM1, VM1-T), SIEMENS (SION-series), Schneider Electric EasyPact EXE (upon request)
  • Circuit breaker and vacuum contactor in withdrawable technology or fixed mounted
  • Disconnector switch with / without fuses in fixed mounted technology
  • Free selection of the VT / CT / PT equipment according to customer specification
  • Voltage transformer in withdrawable or fixed mounted technology
  • Free selection of protection relay devices and communication protocols according to customer specification
  • Individual interlocking scenarios according to customer specification
  • Type-tested pressure relief duct, including corner units and outlet flaps
  • Optional integration of an active arc fault protection system
  • Rated data:
12 kV  -  630 A ... 3150 A  -  16 ... 40 kA(3s)
17,5 kV  -  630 A ... 3150 A  - 16 ... 40 kA(3s)
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