Low Voltage


Efficient, intelligent energy distribution up to 6300 A

In addition to its own products, KÖHL offers power distribution and process-oriented control and automation functions up to 6300 A with the proven MODAN switchgear system  as a trusted development and license partner of EATON. MODAN is a type-tested switchgear combination (PSC) according to IEC/DIN 61439 and meets high Form 4 process control and energy distribution demands.

Local MODAN® system partners offer extensive service

KÖHL as your MODAN system partner is your contact for all demands from planning to commissioning. The switchgear and protective devices from EATON are mounted in compliance with the specifications of assembly manuals. In this way you are supplied with type-tested assemblies  in accordance with IEC 61439-1/2. The MODAN system partner is your local contact and can provide short delivery times and the flexibility needed for any project changes. He provides the necessary documentation in compliance with the standards as well as the necessary declarations of conformity. KÖHL as your responsible system partners also carries out commissioning, service and maintenance work.

Higher individuality in components choice

With ModuVar KÖHL extends the proven technology of MODAN® by adding a type tested diversity with components from SIEMENS and Schneider Electric within the circuit breaker- and MCC- panels.

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